BulkMan Weekly Service

Each week our drivers come to your property and pickup all of the bulk items usually set in a prescribed location. Our 20 cubic yard trailer is divided into 6 equal sections. We grade each weeks pickup amount by how many sections of our trailer we fill up ( 0-6 ). Our drivers take before/after pictures of every property as well as a GPS marker and time stamp to ensure complete honesty and transparency.

After each 13 weeks of pickups, we determine your new “Average Weekly Production”. Your quarterly invoice amount changes to reflect the amount that was removed from your property the previous quarter.

Bulkman Trailer
  • Weekly service, Monthly billing, Quarterly adjustments, ANNUAL SAVINGS!!!
  • Convenient weekly service keeps the property consistently clean.
  • Our 20 cubic yard trailer is larger than the competition making our price per yard less than theirs.
  • With the use of our APP, our drivers take before and after pictures of each load, as well as having a GPS marker and a date and time stamp for every service.
  • Our uniformed drivers are always helpful and courteous and are in tune to the different nuances of the multi-unit housing industry.
  • We can set specific pick up days of the week or even multiple pickups within the week if necessary.

BulkMan Moving Service

We are a locally owned and operated transportation and delivery service.

• 10+ years experience
• Fully licensed and insured
• No job too big or small: We do it all!
• All tools needed for any job
• Power tools, straps, dollies

Bulkman Moving Service
Our Moving and Transportation Services include:
  • Moving
  • Setups
  • Removals
  • Disposals
  • Deliveries
  • Cleanouts
  • Transportation
  • Storage Delivery
  • Furniture Pickup/ Drop off
  • Resonable Rates
  • Dependable Service
  • Efficient
  • Hassle Free


Email: matt@pickupmybulk.com

Phone: 518-616-6590

6409 N. 50th St. Tampa, FL 33610 


813-932- BULK (2885)


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